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Name: William O'Bryan
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'5
Weight: 154
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: Scottish(Bretonian), Rhienlander

History: Born to a Scottish father and a Rhienlander mother. His father, John O'Bryan, went on a trip to New Berlin and met Williams mother, Christina Stiener, who worked for the Rhienland Police. They later married and moved to Planet Cambridge. When William was 15 his mother died from cancer, so he and his father continued on as simple traders. On their way back from a trade run to Planet Stuttgart, they were passing through Omega 5 when they were attacked by Corsairs. Fortunatly a Molly ship piloted by a man named Trey Mc'Daniel happened to fly by and intervined, by the time all the Corsair ships were either destroyed or had fled, there was not much left except for an escape pod and a few random bits of equipment. Trey tractored in what he could and set the ship to cruise and returned to Arranmore Base, Dublin.

On his way to Arranmore, he opened up the escape pod and he found William unconscious. As soon as he was docked he made sure that William got medical attention. When William awoke Trey told him what happened, he could do nothing but assume that his father was killed when their Clydsale exploded. For the next 2 years William trained with the Mollys and prepared for the day when he could join their ranks. Unfortunatly, during a patrol, Trey took a serious injury. Before he died he left William his Tornado and the rest of his posessions. Shortly after William engaged a member of the newly formed Spitting Cobras Cultist group and was accepted into the Mollys ranks.
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