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Post  [DSSR]O'Shanahan on Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:59 am

Well as I am sure everyone is aware of, SWWT server is going down. We will be attempting to keep the community together in order to play other games. In case you are not aware of, the maker of Freelancer, Chris Roberts is making a new game with the same sort of style of Freelancer/Wing Commander. I have decided that I will be playing this game and would like to keep our faction together for when this game comes out.

If you would like to remain with us for this new game, whenever it comes out, please get in touch we me and we will figure out our future plans. If you want to just keep in contact for other games, do the same. And if you are planning on moving on, then thanks for support our faction during the time and it has been a pleasure flying with all of you. Take care folks and thanks!
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