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//Loading Pilot History\\

Name: Zacharias O'Shanahan
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Height: 5'10
Weight: 172
Hair and Eyes: Red Hair and Green Eyes
Nationality: Irish

History: Born to Irish parents on the Planet Leeds, Zacharias was discriminated against from a young age. His family was one of many that worked the mines on Leeds. As lower class workers they were never able to arise above the social statues that they were placed in. Because of his family's background he was never allowed into the formal schools on Leeds, instead he attended school with the rest of Irish worker's kids. At the age of fourteen Zacharias started to work in the mines with his family. At the age of eighteen his parents were killed in a mining accident, due to poor working conditions and safety regulations set by BMM. Since that day he has had an intense hatred of BMM. After his parents death he fled Leeds on a ship bound to Liberty.

The ship took him to Planet Pittsburgh, where he worked for several years as a laborer there. Growing tired of working in the mines Zacharias signed up in the Liberty Navy. He quickly became a skilled pilot and was given the honor of attending West Point Military Academy. He served many years in the Navy, finally leaving at the age of thirty two. After leaving the Navy Zacharias disappeared for quite some time. There were unconfirmed reports of seeing him in Rheinland at a Hessian base. He was also supposed to be seen amongst known Molly supporters in Dublin and Leeds. He has recently turned up again at a Junker base somewhere in Liberty, but none of these reports have been confirmed.

O'Shanahan was finally pinned down again in Dublin. He had become an officer in the Mollys. Because of his talents as a pilot and leader, he quickly rose through the ranks and rallied many of the younger Mollys to his ideas. Recognizing the need for change in the Mollys, the ruling council gave command of the paramilitary forces to O'Shanahan. In a string of victories, the Mollys began to push the Bretonians hard. BMM announced it planned to abandon Graves Station and the Battleship Essex was on the verge of being destroyed. O'Shanahan reorginzed the Mollys into a legitimate fighting force and ruling body for the Dublin System. The Provisional Government of Dublin was set up to rule over the system and the Provisional Army of Dublin was set up to protect this new government and the sovereignty of it's claim on Dublin. The fighting heated up as the Bretonian government sent more and more ships to fight the PAD. However, during what was going to be a cease-fire meeting between the PAD and Bretonian officials the PAD Council was destroyed by Bounty Hunters believed to be hired by Bretonia. O'Shanahan was forced to flee Dublin and disappeared for some time.

After staying on the run for some time from Bounty Hunters, O'Shanahan once again surfaced, this time in Liberty. Due to his connections inside the Liberty Government and Navy, he was offered a job in the LSF. O'Shanahan quickly rose through the ranks of the LSF due to his natural skills and an already extensive intelligence network that he had established. In a short time O'Shanahan was offered the position as Director of the LSF, which he accepted. As Director of the LSF, O'Shanahan helped Liberty to track down Nomads and Cultists operating inside Liberty space. O'Shanahan contacts with the Order proved quite a help in the endeavor. During O'Shanahan time as Director, LSF sent wings to aid Order forces in fighting the Nomads. O'Shanahan also used his influence as Director to further extend his own intelligence network throughout Sirus. Eventually, O'Shanahan would leave the LSF and Liberty to once again disappear. He would be seen in Dublin several times in future months, but no confirmed reports were heard until very recently, when Molly activity in the Dublin system would increase and O'Shanahan was suspected to be behind it.

O'Shanahan would be confirmed to be behind the recent uprisings in Dublin, using his skills, leadership, and expertise to help the Mollys launch a true terrorist campaign the likes of which had not been seen before in Bretonia. The Bretonia Armed Forces were stunned at the Molly ferocity, skill, and intelligence with Molly attacks. A bombing campaign begins in Bretonia that inflects terrible damage on civilian and military targets. All the while, it is rumored that O'Shanahan himself tries to stay behind the scenes, using others to lead attacks, as O'Shanahan is suspected to be drinking quiet heavily.

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