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The Paramilitary Forces of the Mollys
Faction Affiliation: Mollys
Tag: [MLY]
Subtags: Listed under organization section
Area of Operations: Dublin System, Yorkshire System
Primary Base: Arranmore Station
Secondary Bases: Eboracum Base
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The history of the Mollys is intimately linked with that of Dublin. During the height of the Dublin Gold rush, the field manager in charge of the primary large-scale corporate operation in the system was a ruthless tyrant named Sir Edmund Graves. Graves pushed the miners to the limit in the name of profits, causing many unnecessary deaths. Greed combined with absolute control had proved too tempting. He and his lieutenants began skimming a percentage off the Gold take on a weekly basis.

The miners were pushed harder to cover up the shortfall in shipments back to New London, and the situation became critical. The Founders Day Revolt, as it came to be known, occurred on the annual national Bretonian holiday in 752 AS that commemorated the original founding of New London centuries before. The workers mutinied, executed Graves and his compatriots, and took control of the mining ships Endeavor and Glorious.

The Bretonian military response was swift and furious. Bretonian gunboats arrived shortly, and in the ensuing battle, destroyed the Endeavor and its mutineers. They pursued the Glorious across the system into a dense field, where they stumbled into a large, explosive booby trap set by the fleeing miners. One gunboat was destroyed; several were damaged.

The Battleship Hood was rushed in from New London to restore order. This proved to be the last straw. The remaining miners in the system declared their independence from the ruthless oppressor, and began a long guerrilla war of attrition against the Bretonian government.

In the most famous incident, they disabled the Hood’s engines with a huge mine and set off a large chain-reaction explosion in the ship's aft. The repairs required were extensive and could only be undertaken in the New London shipyard. Unfortunately, the ship was considered too unstable to undertake the journey back through the Jump Gate. It was officially abandoned and stripped of most weaponry, engines, and sensitive electronics. The ship was later reoccupied by the IMG and now serves as the only Freeport within House frontiers.

Despite few tangible victories in their effort to free the Dublin system from control of the Bretonian government, they've still managed to fight a vastly superior military force to a near standstill. The Armed Forces patrols from the Essex usually only respond when the Mollys make attacks on the BMM operation in the BMM Gold field.

Mod History:

Since the Founders Day Revolt the fight has been raging in Dublin with neither side able to gain an advantage. The Bretonia military has been unable to oust the Mollys from their fortified base in Arranmore, but neither have the Mollys been able to get Bretonia to abandon the system. Many years have passed since then and still the war is a stalemate. Over the years many leaders have risen and fallen, with countless lives lost on both sides in the struggle for Dublin. More recently a new voice has arisen in the Molly leadership. A veteran captain by the name of Zacharias O’Shanahan has pushed for a change in tactics in the war. His speeches and attitude rallied many of the younger members of the Mollys around him that were looking for change. Eventually Molly leadership had to recognize that their strategies were not working and accepted O’Shanahan’s new ideas. He was given command of the Mollys’ forces in an effort to be rid of Bretonia’s influence once and for all.

Soon after a revitalized campaign within the Dublin system itself by O'Shanahan's Molly forces a new awareness of the age old conflict came about. A political lobbying organization called the United Irish Workers Front sprung up. Made up of workers inside BMM and other various independent workers all of Irish decent and led by a very charismatic young man named Patrick O’Neil, the UIW began a lobbying campaign in the Bretonia Government aiming for establishing political autonomy for the Dublin system. Although they claim they have no affiliation with the Mollys, their goals are very similar. The two groups are suspected to have relations with one another but nothing has been conformed at this point. The two groups efforts to establish a free Dublin has brought about a renewed awareness of the conflict in the Dublin system.

The fight in Dublin drew the attention of Sirus to the Mollys and the UIW. The two groups launched the largest rebellion since the Founders Day Revolt. The UIW started a workers strike that spread through BMM, creating the largest strike in Bretonia’s history. BMM stocks fell rapidly as the strike paralyzed their company, while the Mollys launched a renewed armed campaign in the Dublin system. The leader of the UIW, Patrick O’Neil; and the leader of the Mollys, Zacharias O’Shanahan, meet in Dublin and wrote up the Declaration of the Provisional Government of the Dublin Free State. It was read aloud by O’Neil outside the Parliament Building on Planet New London, while O’Shanahan read it to his troops on Arranmore Base. The two groups combined their strength into this Dublin Free State and moved all of their operations to Dublin. A blow came to the new group when one of their leaders, Patrick O’Neil, was killed on his transport bound for Dublin by the Bretonians. A new force was created to defend Dublin and their new government, the Provisional Army of Dublin. Commanded by O’Shanahan the PAD defended the new government’s claim to the system, sending ambassadors to the other House factions. The legitimacy of the Dublin Free State is denied by the Bretonians.

Soon after the strike and general revolt the Bretonia government declared marshal law in Dublin and deployed even more forces into the system. After a hard fought campaign, the PAD and Bretonia Armed Forces were once again at a standstill. The Bretonia government offered for cease-fire talks on the Battleship Hood with the PAD’s governing council. O’Shanahan led the council out to the Hood, but found it to be a trap. Several wings of Bounty Hunter fighters attacked O’Shanahan and the rest of the council on route to the Hood, killing the council and forcing O’Shanahan to flee Bretonia. After the fall of the PAD council the and with the absence of O’Shanahan, the remaining leaders once again fought for control of the paramilitary forces, restoring the old Molly ways. Although O’Shanahan tried to reestablish control of the Mollys, Bounty Hunters would always ensure he would never be able to return to Dublin.

The Molly old guard returned to the forefront of power within the Mollys. The Mollys went back to the old tactics of hit and runs, bombings, and political assassinations. The Bretonians were able to pull the majority of their forces into other conflicts, leaving just the normal Essex garrison to deal with the Molly threat. However, recently attacks against Bretonia have increased. Although the old guard of the Mollys is still in strength, sophistication, organization, and ferocity of new Molly attacks indicates that once again O’Shanahan has assumed control of the Mollys. Only time will tell if these attacks are able to finally bring Bretonia to its knees in Dublin and finally bring about freedom for the Irish people.

Current Events:

With the return of O'Shanahan to the Mollys, attacks against the Bretonians within the Dublin system and the rest of Bretonia space has left the Armed Forces scrambling to combat the increasing Molly threat. Molly engineers have begun the construction of a base in the Yorkshire system, hoping to give the Mollys a foothold in the new system. Elite Molly pilots launch raids against the Nomads in an effort to show that the Mollys are willing to assist the Order in the destruction of the aliens. Molly diplomats have journeyed to Kusari and established an alliance with the Blood Empire in order to gain allies for the coming assault on Bretonia. Also, the Mollys' bombing and assassination campaign against BMM and the Armed Forces is at an all time high. It is also believed that the Mollys are almost finished building a MOX bomb, one that will be used against the Bretonians in an ultimate show of Molly force. The Mollys also begin the construction of their own capital task force, starting with stealing the Bretonian corvette, LE Muirchu. After acquiring their first corvette, the Molly leadership commissioned the construction of a cruiser, the LE Bean Si at Yokohama shipyard in Kusari. The Bean Si was completed and used in a joint operation with Kusari, the Corsairs, and Molly forces that captured Ebcoracum base in Yorkshire.

Goals of the Mollys:

To free Dublin from Bretonia’s oppressive regime in order to establish a new government for Dublin and the Irish people. To revitalize Dublin’s economy bringing about a new age of prosperity and peace. And to secure Dublin and Yorkshire from any that seek to invade and plunder the systems.

Organization of the Mollys:

The Mollys are a paramilitary organization that is organized like a regular military force. Members of the Mollys are given military ranks and are placed in several brigades that are subdivided into battalions. Although the brigades and battalions are lead by officers of various ranks, the Mollys are overall lead by the Molly Council, a council of high ranking officers that are responsible for running the Mollys. The Mollys also have a capital ship task force that is separate from the rest of the Mollys. Each capital ship has its own commanding officer and all of them report to the commanding officer of the flagship of the Molly task force.

The Molly Council

The Molly Council is the overall leadership of all Molly forces. The Molly Council is a body of 7 positions, lead by a Chief of Staff who is voted on by the members of the council. Directors on the Molly Council are responsible for the management of various branches of the Mollys.

Chief of Staff: Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan
The Chief of Staff of the Molly Council is the overall leader of the Mollys, as all of the Directors report to this person. Responsible for ensure the Molly Council runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis, the Chief of Staff is the most important person on the Molly Council

Director of Security: Leifteanant-Ghinearál Malcolm McCroskey
The Director of Security of the Molly Council is the overall commander of the Molly paramilitary forces. Responsible for managing the operations and logistics of the paramilitary forces, the Director of Security's primary concern is securing the freedom of Dublin and Yorkshire through military force.

Director of Intelligence: Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan
The Director of Intelligence of the Molly Council is responsible for collecting the intelligence needed by the Mollys to make informed decisions regarding all operations. Using the vast intelligence network available to the Mollys, the Director of Intelligence gathers information needed run the Mollys.

Director of Communications and Publicity: Ernie O'Malley (-Spectre-)
The Director of Communications and Publicity of the Molly Council serves as the public face for the Mollys. Responsible for releasing news about Molly operations, serving as an ambassador to other factions, and keeping morale up amongst the Molly forces.

Director of Supply and Finance: None
The Director of Supply and Finance of the Molly Council ensures that the Molly coffers remains full and that all Molly operations receive materials that they need. Responsible for ensuring that Molly operations throughout Sirus have the supplies they need to operate, as well as exporting all goods produced in Dublin.

Director of Engineering and Research: Leifteanant-Ghinearál Valincia
The Director of Engineering and Research of the Molly Council is responsible for all research and development the Mollys need. Construction of new bases, ship designs, weapons research, and all other scientific experimentation is overseen by this person.

Director of Internal Organization and Logistics: None
The Director of Internal Organization and Logistics of the Molly Council is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of all Molly forces. Not responsible for any singular aspect of the Mollys, but instead ensures that all departments are communicating with one another to ensure that all missions are carried out. The person is also responsible for the state planning operations that will make the new Dublin state powerful.

The organization of the paramilitary forces of the Mollys is as follows:

1st ‘Dublin Guard’ Brigade [1B] - Commander: Leifteanant-Ghinearál Malcolm McCroskey
The 1st 'Dublin Guard' Brigade serves as the main body of Molly forces. Most Molly fighters are members of this brigade and their primary duty is to protect Dublin and Yorkshire from attacks. Although they are mainly a defense brigade, forces of the 1st Brigade will be used to supplement other units on offensive operations.

- 1st ‘Old Guard’ Battalion [1B/1B] - Commander: Coirnéal Haliah
The 1st 'Old Guard' Battalion is made up of Mollys who have been serving for the longest. Mostly made up of grizzled veterans who have no love of Bretonia or BMM, the 'Old Guard' use guerrilla tactics to accomplish their missions and strike against Bretonian targets all over Bretonia space.
- 2nd ‘Paddies’ Battalion [1B/2B] - Commander: Leifteanant-Choirnéal David O'Brian
The 2nd 'Paddies' Battalion is made up of most of the regular Molly forces. Newer Mollys joining the cause typically end up in this battalion, as the 'Paddies' battalion is used almost exclusively in operations in Dublin and Yorkshire, though will sometimes supplement forces in other operations.
- 3rd ‘Flying Scots’ Battalion [1B/3B] - Commander: Leifteanant-Ghinearál Malcolm McCroskey
The 3rd 'Flying Scots' Battalion is a battalion made up of exclusively Mollys of Scottish decent. Founded by Leifteanant-Ghinearál Malcolm McCroskey, the 'Flying Scots' are perhaps the finest assault unit in the 1st Brigade.

2nd Special Operations Brigade [2B] - Commander: Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan
The 2nd Special Operations Brigade is made up of the elite pilots of the Mollys. Pilots in this brigade have proven themselves in combat time and time again, or show special skills needed by the Mollys to conduct highly classified operations. A shadowy group, not much is known about the operations of this brigade.

- Dublin Ranger Battalion [2B/DR] - Commander: None
The Dublin Rangers Battalion is made up of the best combat pilots the Mollys have to offer. Responsible for all long range search-and-destroy mission, Dublin Rangers can be seen operating throughout Sirus space on classified missions.
- Auxiliary Battalion [2B/AB] - Commander: Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan
While the combat prowess of the Dublin Rangers is well known, in contrast, not much is known about the shadowy Auxiliary Battalion. Under the personal command of the famous Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan, the Auxiliary Battalion is used in missions that O'Shanahan views as vital to the cause.

3rd Logistics Brigade [3B] - Commander: None
The 3rd Logistics Brigade is perhaps not the most glamorous or talked about brigade, but they could be the most vital. Supplying all Molly bases and operations with the goods and materials needed to operate, as well as keeping the Gold moving out of Dublin in order to fund all operations, the 3rd Brigade carries on the hard working tradition of the Irish people in Dublin.

- 1st Transport Battalion [3B/TB] - Commander: None
The 1st Transport Battalion consists of all vessels that the Mollys use for transporting and smuggling goods throughout all of Sirus. From Gold, to food, to weapons, the Transport Battalion moves it all.
- 2nd Mining Battalion [3B/MB] - Commander: None
Carrying on the tradition of Irish Gold miners in Dublin, the Mining Battalion keeps the coffers of the Mollys full to the brim with the Gold of Dublin.

Example Tags: [MLY]O’Shanahan[1B/1B]; [MLY]O’Shanahan[2B/DR]; [MLY]O’Shanahan[3B/TB]

Ranks of the paramilitary forces of the Mollys are as follows:

Ghinearál (General)
- The Ghinearál is the highest rank a Molly can achieve. The overall commanding officer of the Mollys, there will normally only be one person at this rank.
Leifteanant-Ghinearál (Lieutenant General)
- The Leifteanant-Ghinearál is the rank that Mollys dream of achieving. At this rank, Mollys will receive command of one of the Brigades, command a cruiser or battleship, perhaps even be invited on the Molly Council.
Coirnéal (Colonel)
- The Coirnéal is a very respectable rank that offers Mollys a chance to command their own battalion or perhaps a cruiser or battleship.
Leifteanant-Choirnéal (Lieutenant Colonel)
- The Leifteanant-Choirnéal often serves as executive officers to Choirnéals in command of their own battalions. Mollys at this rank are also often found leading wings of elite fighters.
Captaen (Captain)
- The Captaens in the Mollys will lead wings of Molly fighters into battle, or perhaps receive command of their own corvette.
Leifteanant (First Lieutenant)
- The Leifteanant is a proven fighter in the Mollys and will often lead two man patrols in Molly space.
Dara Leifteanant (Second Lieutenant)
- The Dara Leifteanant is the first real rank that a Molly will earn and signifies that the Molly has passed all entry tests and are a full fledged member of the Mollys.
Earcach (Recruit/Trial Member/Militia)
- The Earcach is a recruit who has just recently joined the Mollys.

The following is the current members list of the Mollys; listed in order by rank, RP name, brigade and battalion member, and forum name:

Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan, 2nd Brigade/Auxiliary Battalion (O’Shanahan)
Leifteanant-Ghinearál Valincia, 2nd Brigade/Auxiliary Battalion (Aaxe`)
Leifteanant-Ghinearál Malcolm McCroskey, 1st Brigade/3rd 'Scots' Battalion (McCroskey)
Coirnéal Jade 2nd Brigade/Auxiliary Battalion (-Spectre-)
Leifteanant-Choirnéal Marcus Luso Viriatus, 2nd Brigade/Dublin Rangers (Raiuga)
Leifteanant-Choirnéal David O'Brian, 1st Brigade/2nd 'Paddies' Battalion (WedgeAntilles)
Earcach Jack_Schlagmann, 1st Brigade/2nd 'Paddies' Battalion (fretfader)
Earcach O'Connor, 1st Brigade/2nd 'Paddies' Battalion (EdisonTrentIII)
Earcach Bannatyne, 1st Brigade/2nd 'Paddies' Battalion (*Pending forum account)
Earcach Noremak (*Pending Name), 1st Brigade/2nd 'Paddies' Battalion (Noremak

Molly Associates (Militia: These people are associates of the Mollys, not tagged Members. Although they do not carry the [MLY] tag, they will carry the subtag of whatever battalion they are assigned to.)

Mens Rea, 2nd Brigade/Dublin Ranger (Mens Rea)
Hornviper, 1st Brigade/2nd 'Paddies' Battalion (Hornviper)

Molly Capital Ship Task Force

LE Bean Si - Commanding Officer: Ghinearál Zacharias O’Shanahan
- The LE Bean Si is the first ship the Mollys constructed, second ship added to the task force. The Bean Si was constructed in the Yokohama shipyards in Kusari in a joint project by Molly and Kusari engineers. Currently on deployment in the Yorkshire system, the Bean Si serves to protect the Mollys interests in that system, and serves as the mobile headquarters there.

LE Muirchu - Commanding Officer: Coirnéal Jade
- The LE Muirchu was the first capital ship the Mollys acquired. Originally a Bretonian corvette, the Mollys stole the ship whilst it was in dry-dock at Southampton shipyard. The Mur is currently deployed in the Dublin system, assisting Molly forces in operations in Dublin.

LE Macha - Commanding Officer: Leifteanant-Choirnéals Viriatus/O'Brian
- The LE Macha was the second ship construted at the Yokohama shipyards for the Mollys. A Bretonia corvette class vessel, the LE Macha was given over to Captaens Viriatus and O'Brian and is used in combat operations in the Dublin system.

Inactive Members List:


Faction Relations (Any faction in [] is a player faction, all others stated are NPC):


[Blood] - The Blood Empire has been the biggest supporter for the independence of the Dublin and Yorkshire systems. Committing ships and troops to the conflict, the Blood Empire is a staunch ally of the Mollys.


IMG - The IMG has long been a supplier of goods to the Mollys on Arranmore. Common bloodlines, as well as a common hatred of BMM has led to friendly relations.
[Corsairs] - Although the Corsairs and Mollys had been at odds for many years, recent agreements quickly lead to the two groups fighting together for common goals.
[R] - This is not acknowledged by the Rheinland government, but has occurred due to under-the-table dealings.
[DL] - As the Deshima League is a Kusari based group, the Mollys have offered support and payments to the group for jobs conducted in Bretonia.


[Order] - Although the Mollys have recognized the threat the Nomads pose, especially in Yorkshire, the Order has yet to recognize the sovereignty of the Dublin and Yorkshire systems and stays neutral to the conflict in Bretonia.
[Guild] - Little contact or understand of the Guild has left the Molly command stumped as to what purpose the Guild has. Remains neutral until further information can be ascertained.
[Zoners] - The Mollys have no reason to feel one way or the other about the Zoners and as such we remain neutral.
[=OE=] - No formal contact with the newly risen Outcast Empire leaves the Molly Council to declare the Edge World pirates to be neutral.


Bounty Hunters Guild - The Bounty Hunters Guild continues to take contracts against the Mollys and as such must be punished for their actions.
[L] - Although O'Shanahan spent many years in Liberty, the government of Liberty has classified the Mollys to be a terrorist organization and order them to be killed on sight. The Mollys will return the favor.


[BN] - Our true enemies. The Mollys continue the fight against the Bretonian Nation in order to gain freedom for the Dublin and Yorkshire systems.

Laws of Dublin (Subject to change without notice):

Mining in the Dublin System is restricted to the Independent Gold Field without the proper permits. If you are caught mining in the Molly Asteroid Field or the BMM Gold Field without the proper permits you will be ordered to drop your cargo and stop or else. To request to receive mining permits please get hold of one of the Mollys, who will see to your request.

Just remember to be on your best behavior in Dublin and you will be fine. This is our home and you would do well to respect that fact. Do so and your stay will be a pleasant one.
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