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The life of David O'Brian Empty The life of David O'Brian

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David O’Brian was born in 776AS at Birmingham Station, a BMM factory close to Planet Wight in Manchester. He received only a basic education as his parents could only afford that because of their low income, so at an age of 14, he was already processing hydrocarbons, along with his father and mother. At his 24th birthday, June the 20th, after ten hard years of work at the station, he gathered all his spare money and bought a pilot license, to serve as an escort fighter for BMM. The company always needed fresh cannon fodder to serve as escorts, so they thought, “why not make them pay for their pilot license and make more money?” That was a dishonorable and corrupt method by BMM, who took advantage of his workers. They would force their employees to work for long hours, in terrible conditions, pay them a small wage, and make them pay for food and bed. But serving as escort, was the only way to escape from the dirty, stinky and noisy processing machines.

His first, and last, escort job for BMM, was accompanying the Freighter Clayton to Planet California Minor, but all ended bad. The Freighter hit a large ice asteroid, who was drifted into the Trade Lane between Birmingham Station and the Cortez Jumpgate. The guilt was split between the Bretonian Police and the BMM escort fighter. Bretonia Mining and Manufactoring said that David was responsible for the destruction of the “Clayton”, accusing him that he didn't do his duty to protect the freighter from every danger. His pilot license was cancelled the next day by the Director of Birmingham. BMM let him no chance to demonstrate his innocence and this only fuelled his growing hate for BMM.

Instead of getting fired, BMM sent him to their most dangerous station, LD-14 in Leeds, where death by radiation or by a Molly attack, were the only ways of escaping that hellhole. 8 years of hard and dangerous work passed by, but his hate only grew. Then, a opportunity arise. As he saw by the station windows, BMM and Armed Forces vessels being shot down by Molly ships in one of their common raids on LD-14, he decided that it was his chance to escape. He ran to the docking bay, entered the cockpit of a HUV full with MOX and proceeded to undock. When in space, he saw the Molly fighters were still flying around the station, taking down the rest of the hostile ships. One Molly fighter came close to the HUV and David pushed the communication button. He told the Molly pilot that he wanted to join them, and offered the HUV and MOX inside, as a prize for his escape. The Molly only said: "Came with us mate".

After arriving at Arranmore, the home of the Mollys he was presented to the leader of the Mollys, General O'Shanahan, who considered him honorable and a great new addition to his men.

Now he's a member of the Molly Militia in the 2nd ‘Paddies’ Battalion of the 1st ‘Dublin Guard’ Brigade.

After very difficult and dangerous missions he became the rank of a full member.

( ooc : thanks to raiuga and o'shanahan for the help )
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